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Responsible Tourism

All businesses impact their environments through their activities. Accommodation providers are no exception with their intensive use of water and energy within relatively small footprints. By buying wisely, using resources efficiently, disposing of waste responsibly, and developing working procedures incorporating sustainable practices many of these adverse affects can be minimised or mitigated. We have taken a number of steps to ensure you have a comfortable, healthy and guilt free stay. Many are small contributions, most are simple to achieve, and combined they help us to offer our guests accommodation that should help them sleep with a clearer conscience. These include:

  • a well considered building design incorporating hi-spec noise and thermal insulation.
  • sourcing sustainable and environmentally sensitive products throughout construction.
  • sourcing expertise, materials and suppliers locally where ever possible.
  • incorporating ongoing energy efficiency, water use minimisation, waste management and recycling initiatives.
  • use of environmentally certified cleaning products which are not tested on animals.
  • use of free-range and seasonal products in our menu. All sourced local where-ever possible.
  • regular and frequent washing of all bedding, including pillows, quilts and blankets.
  • supporting national conservation organisations and community initiatives in our local area.

If you would like specific information about our extensive responsible tourism initiatives please ask at the receptions – we would be more than happy to talk you through our programme.

The following is a sample of some of the things we do. We are continuously looking to incorporate new and better ways of providing a quality and environmentally sound service to our guests.

Reducing waste

  • Recycling of all paper, plastic, metals and glass. Recycling bins available to guests.
  • All partially used soap is collected and returned to the supplier for conversion to bio-fuel.
  • All paper used comes from recycled material
  • Battery collection and recycling

Reducing water consumption

  • High efficiency water conserving toilets used throughout.
  • Flow restrictors and aerators in taps and showers.
  • Timers on garden irrigation system.

Reducing energy usage

  • All main lighting uses either energy saver fluros or 5w LEDs.
  • Lighting in all common areas is triggered by light level sensor then motion sensor so it's only on when really needed.
  • All rooms use new style halogens or 13w GX56 fluros.
  • All service and storage areas use fluro lighting only.
  • All rooms have power saver card activiated power and lighting switch.
  • All outside lighting (include main sign) is LED.
  • All outside lighting operated by daylight sensors.
  • Entire building is double-glazed.
  • Highest rated eco-choice insulation in all walls and ceilings.
  • 3/4 star Energy Star Rated Inverter Heat Pumps.

Reducing pollution

  • All cleaning and laundry products sourced from environment friendly suppliers majority from Ecostore.
  • The vast majority of our furnishings and supplies are NZ made where-ever feasibly possible. Much is local.
  • We use organic weed and pest control in our gardens.

Reducing harm to animals

  • Free-range products used in all our meals.

Being kind to our surroundings

  • Low-level exterior lighting to avoid light spill into the surrounding neighbourhood.
  • We require guests to respect other guests and our neighbourhoods by refraining from any noise in the evening.
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